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commited to the defense of motion picture film

On a date as cinematic as December 28, 2020, the 125th anniversary of the Lumiere's first payment session, in order to prevent the arrival of the apocalypse that would mean the disappearance of motion picture film, as much as "filmmakers" (or movie lovers), with our signature we subscribe the manifesto "commited to the defense of motion picture film," so our commitment is to continue creating audiovisual works on film.


Oath of the filmmaker.


I swear to Saint John Bosco, patron saint of cinema, as a filmmaker committed to 125 years of mechanical-chemical technology, each of my cinematographic works must fulfill at least eight of these ten conditions:


1. My footage will be shot exclusively with motion picture film, whether in color or black and white, reversible or negative, the width of the film and its format being an irrelevant question.

2. The edit will be done physically, cutting and splicing the film, with a splicer.

3. Any alteration of the image, special effect, trick or transition effect, will be done with optical or mechanical procedures during production, or, if it is in post-production, exclusively through the use of photochemical, optical or mechanical systems.

4. Although I can digitize the cinematographic work, once finished (to achieve a wider distribution), I will always have an exhibition print on motion picture film, with an optical or magnetic soundtrack in the film itself.

5. The positive print, unless it is the original reversal film, will have “cue marks” at the end of each roll.

6. I will ensure that both the entire exposed footage and the original finished film will be archived and preserved by the nearest national film library.

7. I undertake, wheter as a director, producer or co-producer, that I will also be the screenwriter or co-screenwriter, the director of photography, the camera operator and the editor, or involved actively in anyway with this film processes.

8. All films, whether short or feature films, will have intro and exit credits.

9. the end of each film will be indicated whenever possible with an emblematic logo or signature.

10. The participation of the film in a festival that does not admit the screening on film projection will be automatically discarded.


As of December 28, 2020,

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